Medical Marijuana Education

Medical Cannabis

Getting Started with Medical Marijuana – The Basics

The medicinal benefits of cannabis use are pretty well established. There is numerous scientific research that verifies its efficiency when applied to a wide array of clinical applications reporting cannabis to relieve symptoms such as pain, nausea, glaucoma, and movement disorders. Marijuana is also well-known as an appetite stimulant, which can aid those living with […]

The Endocannabinoid System and CBD

The consumption of cannabis provides numerous physical and psychological health benefits. In order to maximize its benefits, it is important to gain general knowledge and understanding of how cannabis reacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. Cannabis produces a positive effect on a number of cognitive functions that influence pain, mood, hunger, sleep, memory, and […]
medical marijuana and treating brain injuries

Marijuana for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are often caused by a violent jolt to the head or body, leading to dysfunction of the brain. The aftermath can be severe and life-altering, with continued damaging effects even after the initial incident. Cannabis use may improve the quality of life in subjects who have sustained a traumatic brain injury by […]
Cannabis and Dementia Patients

Can Cannabis Cure Dementia?

There are over 50 million people worldwide who suffer from dementia, a syndrome that leads to deterioration of memory, cognitive function, and ability to perform daily activities. There is often a lack of awareness and understanding of dementia since the disease is so complex and varies from person to person, resulting in stigmatization and barriers […]
Medical Marijuana in the fight against opioids

Medical Marijuana Improves Outcomes In Opioid Dependent Subjects

Recent studies have shown that the use of cannabis can cultivate positive results in those who are opioid-dependent and receiving outpatient care, according to an online publication in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal.  Researchers at New York’s Columbia University evaluated the effectiveness of placebos versus cannabinoids in subjects with opioid dependencies receiving in-patient detoxification […]